Rhum Clément in Top 10 Trending Rhum worldwide

Rhum Clément in Top 10 Trending Rhum worldwide

2019 has kicked off with a bang for Rhum Clément, which has just been awarded eighth place in the Top 10 Trending Rums worldwide.

This list of winners, compiled every year by the professional magazine Drinks International, is an excellent showcase of and insight into the current trends in the global spirits market.

The process involves two stages. In the first stage, Drinks International compiles a highly prestigious shortlist of the fifty best bars in the world. Each of these reputed bars from around the world is in turn asked to rank the top trending and bestselling spirits brands within their own establishments. These rankings are then compiled to draw up the Top 10 list for best spirits in each category.

Rhum Clément features in this prestigious ranking once again and has moved up two places this year!

Rhum Clément is an iconic brand of Martinique and has been riding the global cocktail trend for a few years now. The brand has provided a range of Rhum Agricole and liqueurs for the cocktail industry since 2013 and has sought to nurture its relationship with bartenders around the world by organizing its cocktail competition—the “Clément Ti’Punch Cup”—in 2016 and 2018.

“We are committed to promoting our brand in the bartending world,” confirms Audrey Bruisson, Marketing Manager for the brand. “It is important to remember that bartenders are often our best ambassadors. By offering them products that are authentic and brimming with history and culture, we are giving these gifted communicators the chance to tell their clients a story through the cocktails they craft. This really gives us an edge!”.

Meanwhile, the rise of “craft” spirits in the bar world has made Rhum Clément THE gold standard for Rhum Agricole in response to a growing demand from bar staff for this kind of product.

The prestigious ranking couldn’t have come at a better time for Rhum Clément, which is gearing up to launch its third international cocktail competition: the “Clément Ti’Punch Cup 2020”.

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