Château Angelus - the tolling bell of Saint-Emilion

Château Angelus - the tolling bell of Saint-Emilion

The true birth of what we know of as Château Angelus begins in 1909 when Maurice de Bouard de La Forest inherited the vineyard owned by his ancestor.

In 1921, Maurice de Bouard de La Forest purchased a 3.5 hectare parcel of vines known as L’Angelus and the estate was born.

The vineyard of Château Angélus is situated in a natural amphitheatre overlooked by the three Saint-Emilion churches. In the middle of this special site, the angelus bells could be heard ringing three times a day, inspiring the now famous name of the Château. They cadenced the working day in the vineyards and villages, calling the men and women to stop their labours for a few minutes and pray.

The estate is classified Premier Grand Cru Classé A. Thanks to the large proportion of Cabernet Franc, and to the perfectly balanced distribution of limestone and clay in its soils, the wine is lush, dense and creamy, but also elegant, classy and pure with lots of freshness. The colour becomes more intense during ageing, the menthol, spicy aromas are impressively subtle. The tannins are dense, but silky and bring the necessary fresh notes to achieve overall balance. Protection Status