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Even you’re just "Irish for the day", it’s a great opportunity to show your pride and let the good times roll.
Happy International Women's Day to all the strong and beautiful women out there!
Did you know that Drink Wine Day is held annually on February 18th to spread the passion for wine and celebrate health benefits of the Gift of God?
To make this special sparkling rose wine, Bottega used Manzoni Moscato, or Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25, one of the grape varieties that were developed to replace or complement the traditional ones. The Manzoni Moscato is a crossing of Raboso Piave and Muscat of Hamburg to produce wines that were both very tannic and acidic.
All you need is Love, and a bottle of wine!
Let’s welcome the New Year under the zodiac sign of the Rat with our special label wine collection from Spain and France!
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