Masi is undoubtedly one of the most important wineries in Valpolicella, among those that in the past three decades contributed most to the international success of Verona wines, the Amarone in particular.

With 12 million bottles produced every year, it is one of the biggest in Valpolicella, not considering cooperative wineries. In spite of its size, Masi is still a family run company, owned by Boscaini family.

In spite of its quite modern image, Masi winery has been producing wine since the end of 1700s. Masi was the name of the very first vineyard.

Today Masi Agricola owns and runs many hundreds of acres of vineyards, not only in Valpolicella, but in all the wine producing regions around Verona and few vineyards in Argentina where, after a series of attempts, they succeded in planting Verona grape varietals, Corvina in particular, with the aim to create international style wines using the most traditional grapes of Valpolicella.

In fact, in spite of the long tradition, Masi puts a lot of energy and efforts in research and technology development applied to vine growing and oenology with important collaborations with agronomy faculties of various universities and scientific research institutes. For example it was Masi that funded the studies on Corvina DNA, that discovered the complex mechanism that trigger the development of aromatic substances during the drying (Appassimento) for the production of Amarone.

This focus on research and development applied to traditional products brought to the creation of Masi Technical Group, a team of agronomists, wine makers, etc, that collaborate in the creation of Masi famous wines. Protection Status