One of the most special deal on premium wines from Red Apron Fine Wines & Spirits.
Welcome the presence of La Forge De Tart in Vietnam this June.
Welcome the presence of Chateau Samion in Vietnam this June.
On April 8, a special wine event with a fantasy selection of the excellence wine from Bottega that is combined with exquisite cuisines, took place in the luxurious yacht of ROS - Yacht Club.
With two thousand years of history, sake has been a part of Japan's religious practices, tradition, and unique and fascinating cuisine culture, which is now appreciated by food and wine connoisseurs around the world. That long history also comes along with the sophisticated production techniques and tasting skills.
Red Apron & Celliers d’Asie Wine School is proud to announce that WSET® Level 1 Award in Sake is available in Vietnam for the fisrt time! Protection Status